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We believe that all women should be encouraged to exercise in pregnancy, from walkers to marathon runners. Many women are surprised and pleased to experience how much they can actually do. We use our knowledge, experience and physiotherapy training to provide a safe and supportive environment at Your Bump Room. We progress and modify classes when necessary and supply a rich content of exercises. Not one of our classes are the same. As a group of bump room instructors we support each other by regularly running training days to share experiences, expertise, ideas and information. This helps us to continually learn and develop our classes. Your Bump Room is essentially what we do on the ground except online, available for anyone, anywhere, to access and use from home.

To gain maximum benefits from this programme we STRONGLY RECOMMEND beginning the classes as early as possible in your 2nd Trimester.

Benefits of The Bump Room Online – Watch Video

Benefits of The Bump Room Online

The Bump Room Online allows you to do our classes at home or any place you wish.

We believe that we have created an energetic and positive place to stay active while pregnant.

The classes vary in length and intensity. You can choose the level of exercise you wish to do on any given day. If feeling a little tired you can do the beginner or stretching class, if craving a nights sleep you can do the more energetic class.

Ailish is 30 weeks pregnant in the class videos and is feeling it all with you. She also had pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain so can relate to anyone who is experiencing similar pains and aches.

In addition to the core videos there are also educational and bonus videos.

We provide guidance on how to manage aches and pains. We offer tips and advice on many pregnancy related topics including pelvic floor health and labour, to help you prepare with confidence for The Big Day.

We are regularly updating our bonus/education and resources sections.

Benefits of exercise at The Bump Room Online

  • All the content has been chosen and designed by Physiotherapists who have been teaching classes since 2008.
  • Strengthen areas prone to weakness from ligament laxity
  • Stretch areas prone to tightness from postural changes
  • Limit fluid retention
  • Minimise pelvic pain and joint discomfort
  • Use of the gym ball allows for supported movement of the pelvis
  • We guarantee you will feel limber, relaxed and destined for a good nights sleep after undertaking the classes at The Bump Room Online.

Other benefits of exercise in pregnancy include:

  • Maintaining fitness and strength, improved circulation, decreased varicosities.
  • Maintenance of healthy weight.
  • Prevention and management of gestational diabetes.
  • Reduced fatigue and insomnia and improved self-confidence and body image.
  • Women who exercise in pregnancy tend to have shorter labours.
  • Fewer delivery complications and suffer less from ante and post natal depression.

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