As of March 18th 2020 due to Covid19 we have reduced the cost from  €97 to €47. You get  access to The Bump Room Online for one year.

We are delighted and proud to have developed Your Bump Room, a comprehensive online pregnancy fitness program designed and led by physiotherapists. We are passionate about encouraging women to stay strong and active during pregnancy. Your Bump Room has been created from us doing the classes while pregnant and from teaching thousands of women successfully for the last number of years.

Through our experiences and shared learning as a group of physiotherapists, we believe we have designed the best pregnancy fitness program. Not only will it keep you strong but it will also help you to manage the normal pains and aches that occur during pregnancy.

To gain maximum benefits from this programme we STRONGLY RECOMMEND beginning the classes as early as possible in your 2nd Trimester.

The program is both safe and challenging and will support you in your concerns around:

  • Staying fit throughout pregnancy
  • Coping with labour
  • Exercising safely
  • Post natal recovery
  • Pelvic floor Health
  • Managing pain from musculoskeletal changes

Here we are quickly going to give you an overview of the program but first ask yourself these questions:

Are you afraid of losing your fitness and gaining too much weight?

Do you want to stay exercising to be strong and fit for coping with pregnancy and the birth?

Do you want to do a class where you feel you have challenged yourself in a safe and effective way?

Are you unable to attend a live class due to lack of access or time?

Do you need to manage a pregnancy related pain such as pelvic pain, symphysis pubis pain or low back pain?

Do you want to learn the best exercises for maintaining pelvic floor health during pregnancy and beyond?

Do you want to aid a safe recovery post baby?

If the answer is YES to any of the questions then this program is for you

Your Bump Room has been a long time in the making… it took us eight pregnancies and every type of birth to perfect it! We all taught classes throughout our pregnancies which assisted us to constantly learn. We have first-hand experience of the benefits of the classes.

Your Bump Room will support you in:
  • Staying strong and fit for the pregnancy, birth and recovery.
  • Helping you stay energised to cope with juggling other children/work/endless housework.
  • Actively managing any pains and aches. Ailish is 30 weeks on her third pregnancy in these videos. She has pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain and has an in depth understanding of what helps manage it.
  • Conquering the mysterious pelvic floor. Know how to contract it and relax it.
  • Having a good night’s sleep!

Here is how Your Bump Room works:

  • Once you purchase, you will receive an email to register to our private members area.
  • In the private members area there are five core classes transitioning from basic to advanced levels.
  • We will give you variety in all of the classes. There will be new exercises and new positions all aiming to strengthen and support the pregnant body.
  • In addition there are comprehensive education and resource areas.
Due to Covid-19 the cost for unlimited access to Your Bump Room plus all of the additional content, is reduced from €97 to €47.
Also, we want to share FREE bonus videos with you which include the following:
  • Pregnancy related pelvic girdle pain exercises
  • Pelvic floor health
  • Postural program
  • Education around how to identify and manage a diastasis rectus (tummy muscle gap)
  • Alternative exercises for lying on your back
  • 20 minute stretching class
  • 15 lower body
  • 20 minute upper body
  • 10 minute mini class
  • One hour oldie
  • Post natal beginners
  • Post natal advanced
  • Live class
  • Caitriona’s fave exercises during her second pregnancy

So you may have questions?

Exercise in pregnancy is proven to be beneficial for both mum and baby; however there are some medical conditions where exercise has to be undertaken with caution. Please click on this link to read a PDF outlining these conditions.

We advise to start this program once you are past the first trimester. At this point you need to start modifying your regular routine for pregnancy as the baby is rising above the pelvis.

You can start at any stage if you are feeling fit and well. There are varying degrees of difficultly in the videos, so depending on whether you want to be challenged or slow it down, there is a class there for you.

Yes, from our experience of teaching the classes we use the gym ball. It is an excellent tool to get the full benefit of some exercises and to support the pregnant body, in particular to help support the pelvis. It is also a useful tool to have for labour.

In our real life classes we accept women who are pregnant with twins if the twins are non-identical, mum was active pre-pregnancy and ensure mum listens to her body, which may involve slowing down from 24 weeks.

Yes with mild to moderate symptoms the classes should help. You may need to follow the advice given during the classes to modify some of the positions of the exercises.

All you need is internet access and a laptop/tablet or computer to stream the videos.

Scroll down this page to the Buy Now button.

Click the button and you will be taken to a page to process your payment.

You will then immediately receive an email with all the information and instructions you need to access your members area.

  • I love the online bump room! Having a one-year-old meant getting back to the actual classes more difficult the second time around. This let me keep up exercise in my own living room, with toddler in tow! Easy to follow, pause & restart when I could! It’s also great to have quick access to practical and professional advice when I needed it on different issues as they arose throughout my pregnancy.

    – Ann Somers –

  • I’m going to miss your classes now. They were so good, I always felt the legs and hips stronger after your classes. I will be recommending you to any pregnant women I meet in future!

    – Mariea Hand –

  • I did the bump room online classes throughout my first pregnancy. I loved the convenience of being able to do the class in the comfort of my home, at a time convenient to me, very useful with our busy lifestyle today. The classes were very well delivered and I felt completely safe and confident in the online instruction given for each exercise. I felt the classes helped me to stay strong and healthy in my pregnancy, I always felt energised after doing a class, even when I felt exhausted starting one. I felt strong and more prepared (as much as one can be!) for the birth, and I had a good recovery post partum. I only wish there was a post natal class, so that I could have continued after baby arrived.

    – Colleen O’Hara –

  • This course is such a good idea and so accessible, especially for someone the second time round with pelvic floor probs. It’s so important that people do these classes and commit to improving fitness rather than crossing fingers.

    – Tracy Aspel –

  • Where I live I didn’t have access to pregnancy focussed exercise classes or any form of pre-natal preparation courses for my first pregnancy. The Bump Room Online was a lifesaver for me as I sought to maintain my fitness and gain the strength I knew I would need for labour. No matter where I was or in whatever time zone I could access these classes online and take an hour or so out of my day to just concentrate on my body and my baby and actually get a proper work out in the process.  The fact that the classes are taught by physiotherapists was so reassuring. I always felt I was in the hands of professionals and this allowed me to push myself and increase my endurance levels. I was certainly grateful for it during my 30 hour labour! I’m now on baby no. 2 and can’t wait to get started again. Thank you Bump Room!

    – Claire McAvinchey –

  • I used the bump room online classes during my first pregnancy. Due to a busy work schedule I found the flexibility of being able to do the classes in my own time in valuable. The support from the Bump Room team was great. I suffered from pelvic pain during my pregnancy which made walking difficult, the classes were great for maintaining fitness. Another great thing about the online platform was the ability to attend the classes a couple of times a week.

    – Clodagh Cavanagh –

Get your comprehensive online pregnancy fitness program designed and led by physiotherapists

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