Mary Byrne

Your Bump Room gives mothers to be and especially those not living close to a class a great chance to access advice and exercise safely at home. If there was a class post pregnancy/on line I would definitely sign up. Ailish shares her personal experience as a mother as well as her professional experience as a physiotherapist. Her advice and information is trusted and invaluable!
I am currently attending the bump room classes on my third pregnancy. Ailish is on hand to answer any questions before and after each class.  I had issues with my back on my first pregnancy and not with my second therefore I completely trust Ailish to alter any exercise/stretch that could aggrevate same and I believe doing the bump room classes helps to strengthen my back and prevent pain. The classes are both relaxing and challenging, very sociable and I am friends with some of the girls I met through the Bump room on previous pregnancies  

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