Our Story

‘Your Bump Room’ is an online pregnancy fitness programme developed from the extremely successful and popular pregnancy fitness classes currently running all over Ireland. The live classes first started in 2008. Physiotherapist Ailish Cleary realised the importance of exercise in pregnancy while working in the maternity hospital in Limerick. Contrary to previous popular societal beliefs to rest more then move during pregnancy she chose to break this mould and created ‘Pregnancy Pilates’ classes. As these classes became busier Physiotherapist Caitriona Quinn came on board to further expand and ‘Pregnancy Pilates’ became ‘The Bump Room’ in 2013. Ailish has 3 gorgeous girls Niamh, Anna and Maria and Caitriona has a boy Leighton and girl Robyn.

Through teaching the classes over a number of years and 5 pregnancies amongst us we saw how we and other women were benefiting from exercise in pregnancy. We were hearing and experiencing firsthand such positive pregnancy and birth stories with many women returning for subsequent pregnancies due to the benefits they experienced. We (Ailish and Caitriona) wanted to be able to share with other physiotherapists and pregnant women what we were doing and as the brand became more recognized nationally in Ireland we wanted to spread our word even further afield and so ‘Your Bump Room’ was born in 2015. We are so passionate about supporting women to stay strong and active during their pregnancy.

Pregnancy is an extremely physically challenging time where being as strong as possible is so important. Ailish is pregnant on her third baby (Maria subsequently born via planned home birth!) and is suffering with pelvic pain. However the exercises have been adapted to ensure they don’t provoke her pain and she still gets maximum benefits. The class content has evolved over the years from traditional pilates to a blend of the best pilates/yoga and strength training. Through recognizing the importance of maintaining and improving strength in pregnancy, and through our exercise prescription expertise as physiotherapists, we created challenging classes to address this. We are continually modifying our class content through joint sharing and learning with other physiotherapists.

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