I love the online bump room! Having a one-year-old meant getting back to the actual classes more difficult the second time around. This let me keep up exercise in my own living room, with toddler in tow! Easy to follow, pause & restart when I could! It’s also great to have quick access to practical and professional advice when I needed it on different issues as they arose throughout my pregnancy.

Ann Sommers

I did the bump room online classes throughout my first pregnancy. I loved the convenience of being able to do the class in the comfort of my home, at a time convenient to me, very useful with our busy lifestyle today. The classes were very well delivered and I felt completely safe and confident in the online instruction given for each exercise. I felt the classes helped me to stay strong and healthy in my pregnancy, I always felt energised after doing a class, even when I felt exhausted starting one. I felt strong and more prepared (as much as one can be!) for the birth, and I had a good recovery post partum. I only wish there was a post natal class, so that I could have continued after baby arrived.

Colleen O'Hara

I used the bump room online classes during my first pregnancy. Due to a busy work schedule I found the flexibility of being able to do the classes in my own time in valuable. The support from the Bump Room team was great. I suffered from pelvic pain during my pregnancy which made walking difficult, the classes were great for maintaining fitness. Another great thing about the online platform was the ability to attend the classes a couple of times a week.

Clodagh Cavanagh

Where I live I didn’t have access to pregnancy focussed exercise classes or any form of pre-natal preparation courses for my first pregnancy.  The Bump Room Online was a lifesaver for me as I sought to maintain my fitness and gain the strength I knew I would need for labour.  No matter where I was or in whatever time zone I could access these classes online and take an hour or so out of my day to just concentrate on my body and my baby and actually get a proper work out in the process.  The fact that the classes are taught by physiotherapists was so reassuring.  I always felt I was in the hands of professionals and this allowed me to push myself and increase my endurance levels. I was certainly grateful for it during my 30 hour labour!  I’m now on baby no. 2 and can’t wait to get started again. Thank you Bump Room!

Claire McAvinchey

This course is such a good idea and so accessible, especially for someone the second time round with pelvic floor probs. It’s so important that people do these classes and commit to improving fitness rather than crossing fingers.

Tracy Aspel

I’m going to miss your classes now. They were so good, I always felt the legs and hips stronger after your classes. I will be recommending you to any pregnant women I meet in future!

Mariea Hand

I really enjoyed it. I used it about once a week and I was going to pilates once a week as well.I thought it was great that the instructor doing it was pregnant because it makes you feel if she can do it so can I! Also I liked that the classes werent just a set 40 mins or so that there are different lengths because if you dont have a huge amount of time you can go on and do the shorter class.The classes are managable but definitely not easy they do make you work!

Niamh Jenson

Your Bump Room gives mothers to be and especially those not living close to a class a great chance to access advice and exercise safely at home. If there was a class post pregnancy/on line I would definitely sign up. Ailish shares her personal experience as a mother as well as her professional experience as a physiotherapist. Her advice and information is trusted and invaluable!
I am currently attending the bump room classes on my third pregnancy. Ailish is on hand to answer any questions before and after each class.  I had issues with my back on my first pregnancy and not with my second therefore I completely trust Ailish to alter any exercise/stretch that could aggrevate same and I believe doing the bump room classes helps to strengthen my back and prevent pain. The classes are both relaxing and challenging, very sociable and I am friends with some of the girls I met through the Bump room on previous pregnancies  

Mary Byrne

Your Bump Room is fantastic for keeping you strong during pregnancy and preparing for labour. What you learn in the classes you definitely take away with you so that you continue to protect abdominal muscles, your back etc in day to day life. I found the classes very beneficial and enjoyable. Even on a day when I was tired and didn’t fancy exercise I would feel energised afterwards. Ailish is a great instructor with so much knowledge and shares great tips that are so helpful during pregnancy, labour and post natal. I highly recommend these classes.

Lisa Miskella

The Bump Room was recommended to me by my women’s health physio and I’m delighted she told me about it! The exercises were brilliant….I did them religiously from week 10-35 and am happy to say I had an “easy” delivery and recovery…something I credit the exercises with 👍 I had a horrendous recovery after my first delivery and even some of those pre existing issues have improved massively. Have my first appointment with gynae tomorrow and I’m hoping not to have to see her as regularly or for as long as last time.
Hoping to start the post natal video after I see her tomorrow 😊
Thanks for the bump Room,will definitely recommend it to others 👍

Margaret O'Sullivan

When I was pregnant I loved doing the classes online knowing that I was in safe hands and that I didn’t even need to leave the house. This really helped as I was getting pelvic pain and driving to a class in a car would have been too tough.

Joanne Mc Donagh

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